Olivier Legrain

Chief Executive Officer
2016 was a very good year. On the economic level, the results were in line with the objectives we set ourselves. On the commercial level, we signed a record number of contracts, including for the sale of eight proton therapy solutions and fourteen orders for Other Accelerators. Proton therapy is a huge defining factor in IBA’s growth but we have a nicely balanced portfolio of activities that are all profitable and synergies also exist between them.
"IBA owes its success to the quality of its employees who work tirelessly every day to introduce innovative solutions to different markets."

Group highlights

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  • Turnover

    EUR 329




    REBIT / Sales and services

    Backlog PT and Other Accelerators

    EUR 336

    million in Proton Therapy and Other Acceleratos

    Revenue increase


  • 2016
    (EUR 000)
    (EUR 000)
    (EUR 000)
    CAGR (%)
    Sales and services 328 774 270 357 58 417 21.6%
    Gross margin 138 561 113 655 24 906 21.9%
    REBITDA 42 690 33 710 8 980 26.6%
    REBITDA/Sales and services 13.0% 12.5%
    REBIT 37 136 29 553 7 583 25.7%
    REBIT marging 11.3% 10.9%
    Net result 24 440 61 189 -36 749 -60.1%
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    (EUR 000)
    (EUR 000)
    (EUR 000)
    (EUR 000)
    (EUR 000)
    (EUR 000)
    CAGR (%)
    5 years
    Turnover 203 165 221 106 212 412 220 577 270 357 328 774 10.1%
    Proton Therapy 121 157 133 213 121 202 128 488 161 938 226 529 13.3%
    Other Accelerators 38 896 38 991 45 387 49 199 54 323 54 137 6.8%
    Dosimetry 43 112 48 902 45 823 42 890 54 096 48 108 2.2%
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    1 500
    Number of employees

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Proton Therapy

Proton therapy is considered to be the most advanced form of radiation therapy treatment available in the fight against cancer, thanks to uniform dose deposition and reduced doses to the tissue adjacent to the tumor. IBA continuously strengthens its leadership in the growing proton therapy market. The company also works with its partners in order to increase proton therapy recognition and awareness and make it more affordable so that more patients can benefit from proton therapy.
Proton Therapy Highlights
  • In September, the first patient was treated with Proteus®ONE in Europe at the Centre Antoine Lacassagne in Nice, France.
  • In 2016, the new accelerator for Proteus®ONE, the superconducting synchrocyclotron, received market authorization from the FDA, CE marking and the Shonin.
  • In August, IBA invested in HIL Applied Medical Ltd. to develop a laser-based proton therapy system.
  • IBA demonstrated leadership at the ASTRO Annual Meeting where more than 600 people attended the IBA symposium. IBA also announced 2 new proton therapy contracts.
  • In 2016, IBA Proton Therapy signed 8 contracts for proton therapy solutions representing a total of 17 rooms sold.
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In 2016, IBA Dosimetry continued to bring high quality hardware and software solutions that provide the best patient safety in radiation therapy and medical imaging markets. The dosimetry products contribute to maximizing the efficiency and quality of patient treatment. They also provide healthcare professionals with peace of mind that they are treating their patients in accordance with the desired treatment plan.
Dosimetry Highlights
  • In February 2016, IBA released the 3rd version of the global quality assurance platform software myQA®.
  • With the CAREprogram, IBA continues to provide excellent services, enhanced training and events to connect its users and exchange best practices.
  • In August, IBA announced the first worldwide clinical implementation of its newly released Dolphin® online ready patient QA and monitoring at the radiation therapy department of the Klinikum Bayreuth GmbH in Germany.
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Last year, IBA RadioPharma Solutions demonstrated its capability to bring innovative solutions so as to build fully integrated radiopharmacies that enable customers to deliver radioisotopes to hospitals for better patient diagnostics.
RadioPharma Solutions Highlights
  • IBA RadioPharma launched the Cyclone®KIUBE at the SNM Annual meeting. This new cyclotron allows progressive upgradability with outstanding performance for the highest production capacity.
  • IBA designed IntegraLabONE®, the most optimized radiopharmacy solution with the smallest footprint (<100 m²).
  • In October, IBA launched the new Synthera®+ chemistry module allowing multiple runs of multiple tracers without opening the hot cell.
  • In August, IBA successfully installed, in record time, its Cyclone®70 in Noblesville, Indiana, USA. This second Cyclone®70 enables the production of radioisotopes for cardiovascular disease diagnostics.
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IBA Industrial focuses on two markets: the sterilization of single-use medical products, and the improvement of the physical properties of polymers. IBA is evaluating new long-term markets such as container screening and energy saving solutions. IBA Industrial solutions avoid all contamination by chemical products and radioactive material.
Industrial Highlights
  • At the 18th International Meeting on Radiation Processing in Vancouver, Canada, in November, IBA unveiled its new 10 MeV Rhodotron®, the TT50: a new compact system.
  • The first 1 MeV Easy-e-Beam system has been ordered and is being installed, allowing the processing of an extended range of wires with increased beam energy up to 1.0 MeV at 70 mA with the same minimal footprint.
  • A next-generation X-ray cargo screening system was installed in the port of Boston.
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We believe that we will foster a positive impact and values if our stakeholders are part of the journey, if they are part of the debate. Each stakeholder of our five-pointed star deserves our attention. We strive to keep a fair balance between them, as we don’t want to create value for one stakeholder at the cost of another. On the contrary, we focus on synergies between them to improve our positive impact in a global approach.
  • Focus on our customers and their patients

    To help our customers to take care of their patients, IBA works on innovation for enhanced treatment efficiency, affordability of its solutions, and process quality.
  • Focus on our employees

    At IBA, we believe that our people are our most important asset and that they are the driving force behind our organization.
  • Focus on our shareholders

    Besides investing in an ethical company with a sustainable purpose, we believe that our shareholders also deserve to enjoy a “traditional” return on investment. IBA expects to maintain the dividend pay-out ratio at 30%.
  • Focus on our Society

    IBA supports various associations and employee initiatives in the fight against cancer and the integration of young graduates. Among these associations, “Compass to Care” helps children access life-saving treatments like proton therapy.
  • Focus on our Planet

    IBA measures the environmental impact of its activities (externalities) and assigns financial means for internal company projects aimed at shrinking that impact, such as a new logistic and production center optimizing the use of energy and raw materials.
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